Living Worlds Soundscapes: August Edition

Ian Gilman
Aug 9, 2022

The updated Living Worlds app with the August sounds is now live! Come on in, the water’s fine 💦🐠

This release also includes stability fixes for the Android live wallpaper. We are still trying to track down the causes of the wallpaper quitting or going black, but hopefully these fixes have addressed some of it.

Some of the issues, it seems, are the fault of a recent version of the Android system’s WebView component, so may be out of our control. If you’re still having trouble with the wallpaper crashing, one thing you might try is installing the WebView Beta, which seems to have helped some people. It’s beta software, so use at your own risk, but it might be worthwhile until they release their fixes officially.

We’ll keep an eye out for additional solutions!