Living Worlds Soundscapes: January Edition

Ian Gilman
2 min readJan 1, 2022

So, I’ve been playing around with sound design for the Living Worlds app this last year, and I think I’m finally ready to really make it happen. It’s a lot of work (or maybe I just have high standards), and I don’t really know what I’m doing (though I certainly know more now than I did a year ago!), so I’m going to want to pace myself. Each month, I’ll release a new month’s worth of sounds, starting today, with the January scene! Grab the latest app (iOS or Android) and pop in to Settings to turn on the ambient sounds. Note that the sounds are just in the app, not the (Android-only) live wallpaper; I don’t think it’s possible in the live wallpaper, which, really, is probably for the best…

I’m pleased with how the sounds have come together… rather than just being a simple sound loop, there are a number of sounds mixed together. Some of them loop continuously (but at varying volumes, so for instance the wind gets louder or softer), while others play randomly from time to time (like birds and other wildlife). I think the result is more naturalistic and “alive” than a simple sound loop would be. Of course you can be the judge of that! Grab the app, give it a spin, and let me know what you think.

I hope you don’t mind it’s just January for now… the February sounds will be along in a month, then March a month later, etc. Here’s to a new year of audio adventures in the Living Worlds!